Visitor behavior analysis


This will be more effective in achieving sales growth

Usuarios activos

User events

like page views and scroll down

Sesiones por pais de visitantes

User visits

of each web page

Know how and when users arrive at your website

Achieve growth goals in your company

Unique visualization of the traffic funnel that leads to sales

You can pay monthly or bimonthly

The contract can be for a single month, a semester or a year

Period: 28 days to website

visita al sitio o aplicación web

User Acquisition

Direct, organic search, referral

Referido, directo, búsqueda orgánica o anuncio pago

Traffic acquisition

Direct, organic search, referral

User demographic details

Detalles demográficos visitan su sitio o aplicación web

For country

ciudades visitan su sitio o aplicación web

By language